Altered Mechanics

These are all the various alterations to the standard game mechanics.

Experience Point System
The Tales of Telmourn is more of a role playing game then the standard hack and slash. To further reflect this, the Experience Point System has been given an overhaul.

You only need 30 Experience Points to make a level.

Each of these can only be earned once per session, except the Story Title. The Story Title can only be awarded to one player per session.

How XP Value Description
Participation 1 Participated in current session
Creative Idea 1 Came up with a creative idea to solve a problem or task
Heroic Action 1 Did something that went above and beyond
Progress / Completed – Personal Goal 1 Made progress or completed a personal goal
Progress / Completed – Group Goal 1 Made progress or completed a group goal
Outstanding Success 1 Rolled a Natural 20
Outstanding Failure 1 Rolled a Natural 1
Story Title 3 Players’ title chosen

Clarifications on Experience Table
Personal Goal – This has to have some kind of deeper meaning then just walking down a particular hallway or traveling to the other side of a forest. You are allowed to develop a Personal Goal in mid game, but it has to be clearly stated, or you can not claim it when experience is awarded.

Story Title – Consider each session to be a chapter in a book. Each player comes up with a name for the chapter at the end of a session, which is written on a piece of paper. One player then reads the various titles, without saying who wrote it. I then pick from the titles read.

Spell Casting
Spell casting can sometimes get a little crazy, so this system has been implemented to help players increase their survivability. All spells now work on recharge times.

The way this works is, you must wait a predetermined number of rounds before spells of that level are available to you again.

Spell Level Recharge Time
0 1 Round
1 2 Rounds
2 3 Rounds
3 4 Rounds
4 5 Rounds
5 6 Rounds
6 7 Rounds
7 8 Rounds
8 9 Rounds
9 10 Rounds

Meta Magic Feats have also been included, but they work a bit different as well. You are allowed to only apply one Meta Magic Feat to any given spell. This does not increase the required Spell Slot, but adds an additional number of rounds to the recharge time.

Feat Additional Time
Heighten Spell Varies
Enlarge Spell +2 Rounds
Silent Spell +2 Rounds
Still Spell +2 Rounds
Extend Spell +2 Rounds
Empower Spell +3 Rounds
Maximize Spell +4 Rounds
Widen Spell +4 Rounds
Quicken Spell +5 Rounds

Altered Mechanics

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